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New membership puts 10,000 RV visionaries in the driver’s seat of the world’s first Web3 camping community, real-world RV parks, exclusive benefits, and perks.

CampersDAO Memberships

Earth Day April 22, 2023


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Customers served! 5000 Available

Benefits of being a Trailblazer Member:

  • 1 Advisory Board Seat / 1x Governance
  • Lifetime, fully transferable membership to all CampersDAO RV parks at discounted camping rates and annual free-camping days.
  • Access to CampersDAO NFT-gated Web3 community website, private iOS and Android app, member-to-member regional camping groups, invites to member-only events and rallies, CampersDAO tools and merch.
  • Take advantage of exclusive RV and camping industry partnerships, such as discounts and perks for camping clubs and organizations, RV and camping outdoor gear, accessories, and support resources.
  • Access to CampersVoice™ and serve as a high-powered advisory board member for other campground owners in exchange for exclusive discounts and special perks at their campgrounds.
  • Invite to contribute to the CampersDAO company operations and get paid (campground acquisition & management, community, partnerships & perks, growth, and core functions.)
  • Receive a complimentary CampersDAO profile pictures (PFP) NFT launching at a later date.

chaRVRV Parks Reimagined

CampersDAO is rewriting the campground membership system by giving power and value back to the members.

Our Why

We’re on a mission to change the way campground memberships work, build camping communities, and grow a network of top-rated RV parks.

Campground Memberships Reimagined


CampersDAO members will be our advisory board and help us decide which RV parks to buy and how to run them. They will also get priority access, discounts, annual free-camping days, special perks, and experiences.

Web3 Camping Community


As the voice of change, our member-led community will revolutionize how RV parks are run by us as well as hundreds of other campground operators. Community members enjoy connecting with fellow RVers, innovative camping partnerships, exclusive benefits, perks, products, and CampersDAO merch.

TOP-Rated RV Parks

There are thousands of campground in the USA. We're focused on buying and operating the best RV parks in the world, run by RVers. 


Q1: 2023

Social media and press announcements, interviews, community calls, new member and partnership outreach initiatives. Free membership giveaway events.

Q2: 2023

Giveaways, Launch date announcements. Organize DAO, community tools, announce partnerships, benefits and perks. Launch participate-to-earn program, voting, proposals and CampersVoice™. Hire additional core team members.

Q3: 2023

Execute on community proposals, schedule prospective campground visits. Hire additional community members to head key community-led operations.

Meet Travis

Hi, I'm Travis John

Join us in spearheading a global community of camping enthusiasts by merging blockchain technology with the great outdoors. RVing has been my passion for years, enjoying weekend getaways to year-long camping adventures with my wife and kids. My background building web2 product and service businesses, web3 blockchain projects, and real estate has prepared me to lead such an ambitious mission.

Founder & Chief Camper

It's an exciting time for RV and camping enthusiasts, as CampersDAO brings a new level of community, ownership, and adventure to the great outdoors.

Modern Campground


How do I stay in the loop?

Simply sign up with your best email address, and we will keep you in the loop with project launch updates, membership giveaways, NFT whitelist mint dates, Zoom calls, Twitter Spaces, Campingverse newsletter and more.

While many web3 projects launch on platforms like Discord and Telegram, many of our prospective members do not use these platforms. Plus, they can be difficult to navigate and spammy. Most importantly, getting notified of important and time-sensitive updates is only possible if you check these channels daily, which is a hassle.

Email communication is a proven way to keep you in the loop. We take the responsibility of storing your email address very seriously and will never share it with anyone else. Plus, we will never spam you. If you don’t like what we send, an opt-out link will be provided in every email.

It is also important to note Web3 email service providers are becoming increasingly popular. With the ability to login with your Web3 wallet like Metamask, these services offer a secure and convenient way to receive and send emails (even from popular Web2 emails like gmail). We're writing an article about Web3 email providers (with our review and recommendations). We'll share that on our blog soon.

As for the CampersDAO community app, we already have a custom app being built to house the community channels. This will be hosted privately on campersdao.com and accessible to Trailblazer and Pioneer members using their web3 wallet.

What is Web 3.0?

The best way to explain Web 3.0 is to first explain Web 2.0. Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of the World Wide Web, which was characterized by the development of social media, mobile apps, and cloud computing, as well as the proliferation of devices with internet access. Web 2.0 also saw the rise of user-generated content, as well as more interactive and personalized experiences on the web. Think of this as the Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon of the early web.

Web 3.0, on the other hand, refers to the third generation of the World Wide Web, characterized by decentralized technologies such as blockchain and peer-to-peer networking. These technologies allow for more secure and transparent online interactions and the ability to build more decentralized projects that provide more control to the users. Web 3.0 focuses on connecting knowledge and empowering users through improved trust, security, and privacy. In other words, the goal of Web 3.0 is to create a more intelligent and interconnected web or app that allows users to access and share information more easily, accomplish things that weren't possible before, and bring value to their online experience.

In practice, most companies and communities are somewhere between Web 2.0 (Web2) and Web 3.0 (Web3). It is unlikely that any organization will be able to achieve 100% adoption of web3 technologies due to various technical, adoption, and regulatory challenges. However, many organizations, like us at CampersDAO, are using Web3 technologies to provide a unique value proposition or solve specific problems ike building a Web3 camping community (online and in real life) of camping enthusiasts and using a DAO model to buy a real-world campground revolutionize the campground membership system.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a type of digital organization that is run through a set of rules encoded into smart contracts on a blockchain. DAOs are designed to be more decentralized than typical companies, meaning that they are not controlled by any single individual or entity, but rather they are run by a group of people who come to consensus on decisions through a voting process. The degree of decentralization in a DAO can vary, with some being more decentralized than others. Some factors that can influence the degree of decentralization in a DAO include the protocol it is built on, the importance of the protocol to the overall crypto ecosystem, regulatory factors, and the maturity of the organization. DAOs can be thought of as existing on a spectrum, with some being more centralized and others more decentralized.

Simply put, DAOs are Communities 3.0, allowing the already tight-knit camping community to have a bigger say in how communities and businesses are run. Because DAO operations are fully transparent, our members are high-powered advisors, making the once-crazy idea of forming a group to "buy a campground" and building lifelong relationships in real life and online a reality.

As a society, we are moving away from businesses that offer products or services and towards communities. Products and services are transactional. Communities are relational, just like camping, making this a natural transition to building a Web3 travel club for RV enthusiasts. CampersDAO is making campground membership more democratic by giving members the right to vote and the power to decide how money is spent on buying and running top-rated RV parks. The beauty of DAOs is that membership and incentives are aligned, and there is accountability and transparency throughout the project.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital asset that represents ownership or proof of ownership of a unique item or asset. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, which are interchangeable and can be easily exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency, NFTs are unique and cannot be replaced or exchanged for something else of equal value. They are often used to represent ownership of digital art, collectible items, and other digital assets, and can be bought, sold, and traded on various online platforms.

NFTs can also have utility in the real world by representing ownership or proof of ownership of real-world assets. For example, an NFT could represent ownership of a physical artwork or collectible, or it could represent a ticket to an event or a membership to a club, like CampersDAO. In these cases, the NFT serves as a digital representation of the real-world asset and can be easily transferred or sold through the use of blockchain technology.

Consider our NFT to be similar to a rare piece of art that can also serve as a "membership card," granting you access to exclusive benefits and privileges.

Are NFT pictures and NFT memberships the same thing?

Anyone who is involved in Web3 knows that NFTs are more than just pictures, art, and collectibles, but those who haven't been indoctrinated don't always see the true value of NFTs right away. We get it!

NFTs are much more than pictures. That said, we understand that when NFTs don’t have a direct utility, like digital pictures and collectibles, they can seem arbitrary. But when they are connected to real-world assets (RWA), like a campground, and an experience, the value and scarcity of the NFT can be exponential. In fact, NFTs are a primary currency of the Web3 blockchain movement, and their ability to be building blocks of thriving communities will last forever.

Once someone understands the value of NFTs, they can’t unsee their potential to disrupt and revolutionize the way assets, communities, and businesses are created and run. CampersDAO's innovative business model uses the latest blockchain and NFT technology to turn a membership into an NFT asset. As any camper knows, there are a lot of camping memberships out there. When it comes to utility, democratization, community, a wide range of benefits, and endless potential, nothing will beat owning a CampersDAO NFT.

What's the price of the NFT membership?

The price for the Trailblazer membership will be approximately $500, and the Pioneer membership will be $2000 USD. Each NFT membership investment price can be paid for with ETH from a Web3 wallet or USD from a credit card.

How do I buy the NFT membership?

Each NFT membership investment price can be paid for with ETH from a Web3 wallet or USD from a credit card.

For many of our members, this will be their first NFT. We understand that most people are not tech-geeks like us, so campers who are less tech-savvy can safely and securely buy the CampersDAO NFT membership.

Here's how we will help our upcoming members:
1) We will provide training on the process and best practices for purchasing an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain.
2) We have a credit card purchase method in place that's as simple to use as buying something online or on Amazon.com
3) We have a recommended beginner-friendly Ethereum wallet app for iOS and Android.

When can I buy a CampersDAO membership?

We will announce important dates and times as we get closer to our official launch date of April 22, 2023.

How long is my membership good for?

Both memberships remain valid as long as you are an NFT holder, which means they are lifetime memberships and beyond because they can be sold or transferred to anyone.

How many NFT memberships can I purchase?

You can purchase up to four Trailblazer memberships and two Pioneer memberships.

How are we going to buy a RV campground?

The Genesis membership sales will pay for the community's first campground and keep the community-run business going. As expected, our 10,000 community members will determine what types of campgrounds to buy, and then the core team will execute what the community wants. We also have a Rolodex and relationships with top campground industry contacts that will give us an unfair advantage in sourcing and vetting US campgrounds and properties based on our community’s criteria.

How will the money from the membership sales be spent? 

Regarding how the money will be spent, up to 8% of the proceeds from the first sale of NFTs will go to the NFT launch. This includes paying the NFT launch team partners, marketing costs, whitelist gas fees, tech stack fees, integration fees, and so on. John says that the remaining 92% of the sale proceeds will go directly to the DAO to spin up all the operations necessary to achieve the community goals. 32% of the remaining 92% of the treasury funds will be converted into stablecoins and US dollars (USD) right away to cover DAO and company operating costs, hire more team members, make a down payment on the campground, and pay NFT and DAO members for their contributions. The other 60% will be kept in Ethereum (ETH) and turned into stablecoins and USD as needed to cover additional operational costs, RV park purchases, and future growth.

Are the  RV Parks going to be named CampersDAO?

This will be up to the members to decide on the best name(s) for the RV parks we purchase.

What is CamperVoice?

CampersVoice is the first high-powered Advisory Board as a Service (ABaaS) for campgrounds. It offers the best of both worlds: a significant value to campground owners and managers across North America and special discounts and perks for our members not available anywhere else.

Here’s how it works:

At CampersDAO, we’re creating the blueprint to run top-rated RV parks by revolutionizing how the voices, votes, and views of 10,000 of the most influential RVers in America are heard and recorded on the blockchain. As you can imagine, what we’re doing as a community is extremely valuable, so instead of keeping our systems and success a secret, we’re offering owners and managers of other campgrounds access to our communities' insight, access to our DAO tools, and best practices in exchange for exclusive discounts and perks at their campgrounds.

This service gives campground owners free, confidential advice and audits on how to stay competitive, improve their campground, get more people to stay there, market it, host events, and more. 

Can a friend or family member use my membership instead of me?

The membership is only valid for you, the NFT holder. Of course, you can bring your friends and family to the campground with you for your stay. Depending on the campground and campsite rules the community establishes, this would typically be 4-6 adults per campsite, but at most 8 people per campsite.

Can I rent or lease my NFT membership to someone else if I am unable to use it?

NFT renting is where owners can earn income by renting out their NFTs if they are not using them for an extended period of time. This is another exciting benefit of owning an NFT membership. That said, it will be up to the community to vote and determine if this is something that should be approved and how it would work.